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¨Dario Urzay, New York 1990" Galería Michel Mejuto. Bilbao

Galería Juan Silio. Santander

  Show made out of twenty paintings made in 1990, during the first months of his stay in New York. Never shown before

Works done during the second half of 2018

  Text written by artist Txomin Badiola, from a conversation with Dario Urzay,


“Abecedario”. Museo Bellas Artes Bilbao


“Despues del 68. Arte y prácticas artísticas en el País Vasco 1968-2018” Museo de Bellas Artes Bilbao

Galeria Maior . Pollenca. Mallorca
  Exhibition curated by writter Kirmen Uribe

Sample of a selection of Basque artists, from the last 50 years

One man show in Mallorca

       despues del 68 museo

One of Urzay's works that belong to the museum's collection since 1983, is shown in the exhibition



Espacio versus espacio.  Enaire Collection. Palacete del embarcadero.     Santander

"Discursos premeditados". Centre del Carme. Valencia

  A selection from Enaire Collection (Formerly Aena)

Fundación Caja Mediterráneo Collection. With 70 artist´s works. On the serie "a modo de reflexión" works shown from:  Ignasi Aballí, J José Manuel Ballester,  Joan Hernández Pijuán, Lluís Hortalà, Prudencio Irazábal, Oliver Johnson, Carlos León, Íñigo Manglano‑Ovalle, Antonio Mesones, Nicolás Munuera, Antonio Murado Jesús Pastor, Javier Pérez, José María Sicilia, y Darío Urzay.

       ENAIRE Urzay




"En una fracción" Palacete del Embarcadero . Santander

Gallery Eastman. Hasselt. Belgica

Exhibition at Pilar Serra Gallery. Madrid

“La coleccion 2”. TEA . Tenerife

Colección XIII. Hacia un nuevo museo de arte contemporáneo' CA2M.     Mostoles

  On the occasion of the course taught at the Menendez y Pelayo International University, he is invited to conduct, in parallel, a sample of recent work

Recent works

Investigation show about exhibition devices that have been used in some of the public museums linked to contemporary art

        Palacete embarcadero Urzay

       Eastman Hasselt



Exhibition at Maior Gallery. Palma de Mallorca

"Arte moderno en palacio. Obras contemporáneas de las Colecciones     Reales”. Palacio Real. Madrid

"La piel translúcida", Colección Iberdrola. Centro de arte Cibeles. Madrid

“Arteciñana 2015. Leciñana de Mena. Burgos


A selection of recent works

Works from 40 artistas in a show made by "Patrimonio Nacional" at the Royal Palace in Madrid

       Maior Palma
          palacio Real Madrid



Exposicion en galería Juan Silió. Santander

Exhibition at Gallery Pilar Serra. Madrid



La piel translúcida, Colección Iberdrola. Iberdrola Tower. Bilbao and Patio Herreriano Museum. Valladoloid.

"Reproductividat 1.2" Contemporary Spanish Photography. Es Baluard Museum . Palma de Mallorca

"El arte del coleccionista", Municipal gallery. Alicante

"La imagen fantàstica", KUBO Exhibition Hall. San Sebastian


"Entre el suelo y la pared" Recent works

"Construyendo en las ruinas" is the title of the show in the new gallery space in Madrid

Exhibition curated by Javier Gonzalez de Durana. The paintings made for Cesar Pelli "Iberdrola Tower" are shown

          entre el suelo y la pared
       construyendo en las ruinas

      iberdrola 1    iberdrola 2


Participates in the exhibition selections from the
Guggenheim Bilbao collection IV

Public Treasure: ARTIUM collection. Vitoria
        urzay at


Exhibition at Maior Gallery. Pollenca. Mallorca.

Language Games. Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear. Caceres.
  One man show, with the most recent paintings and a scaled model.

Group exhibition curated by José Jiménez.
         Maior-dario urzay


He makes two big paintings for the entrance hall at the Iberdrola Tower  by Cesar Pelli architect , in Bilbao.

Exhibition at Juan Silió Gallery. Santander.

One man show titled "Phaistos" at   Pilar Serra gallery (before Estiarte) , Madrid
  Pasaje nocturno I and Pasaje Nocturno II  are the work´s titles

Shows 12 works in continuity with the Phaistos serie. Tridimensional models are covered with paint and photographed as the start point of paintings.

Paintings and two models related to the ancient Crete palace are shown
[+]     Torre Iberdrola-dario


Takes part in the show "Proyecto Tierra" for the opening of the new cultural center "Alhondiga, Bilbao".


“La densidad del aire, la levedad de la tierra”. TEA Museum. Tenerife.

“El retorno de lo imaginario. Realismos entre XIX y XXI” Museo Reina Sofía Madrid.

Photographs, Galería Estiarte. Madrid.

Colección Norte. Biblioteca Central. Santander

  A multidisciplinar show curated by Alicia Chillida placing together works from sociologist  Olatz González Abrisketa, the architects  Ábalos & Sentkiewicz, SANAA, Emilio Puertas o Santiago Cirugeda and the artists Antoni Muntadas, Lothar Baumgarten, Gordon Matta-Clark, José Ramón Amondarain and Darío Urzay.

The exhibition "La Colección 2" from Tea shows the works titled"Iruña Veleia I" "Iruña Veleia II".

Curated by Juan Luis Moraza




He gives a workshop called “Pasajes Cruzados” at la CAM in Alicante.


Invites the journalist Santiago Segurola and the architect Eduardo Arroyo to a discussion.


“No más héroes, La colección VIII”, Artium Museum Vitoria.


This thematic selection of the Museum’s collection displays the uniform produced for the Athletic Club football team for
the first time.


“Bifurcaciones”, an exhibition with works from over the last 12 years at the fundacion ICO in Madrid.
Paintings , photographs video, and installations were shown at the gallery space. It has been Dario Urzay biggest show up to date.


Curated by Ramón Esparza


Ramón Esparza and Daniel Innerarity write essays for the catalogue.




One man show at the Juan Silió Gallery, Santander.


Santos, Félix: “Entrevista a Darío Urzay”, Aena Arte magazine, Winter 2008.


He takes part in the group show called “Goggel på jorden”, Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm.


Curated by Cecilia Andersson with works from Marcus Coates, James Ireland and Zhao Liang.




Galería Estiarte, Madrid. “Aemol” suite.


The Deutsche Bank Collection of London purchases the piece called “Nest painting (scope)”.


Navarro, Mariano: “Paisaje de la memoria”, El cultural, El Mundo, December 6th.


“Photographs”, Sanz Enea, Photomuseum, Zarauz.


Galería Maior, Pollensa, Palma de Majorca.


Group shows:


“Cartografías del Arte Vasco”, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.


Exhibition curated by Juan Luis Moraza.

  New Contemporary Art from Spain. A proposal. KIAF, Seúl   The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía purchases the pieces “Topograma 1” and “Topograma 1, positivado”.


  The collection of the Museo Wurth in La Rioja is inaugurated.   The artist makes a large-scale painting commissioned by the Wurth Collection in Spain .  


“Extraños en el Paraíso. Fotografías del Museo Artium”, Instituto Cervantes, Beijing and Tokyo.




He holds an exhibition called “Pasajes” at the Amós Salvador venue in Logroño.



The catalogue contains a text called “Sobre el territorio de la pintura” by Vicente Jarque and an interview with Darío
Urzay by Miren Eraso.


He takes part in the “Tejidos. Óseos, pictóricos, arquitectónicos” show, Teruel Museum.


Curated by Juan Luis Moraza.


Exhibition at Calcografía Nacional of the National Graphic Arts Prize winners.


Works by Joan Hernández Pijuan, Pedro Calapez and Darío Urzay are displayed.




He makes the piece called “El vértice del observador” in Sajazarra.


He is guest artist at the Art Encounters in Sajazarra (La Rioja).


Interview with Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea for the project catalogue.




His work is exhibited at the Tomás March Gallery in Valencia.


The topographical references already to be found in some of his works from the year 2000 now become a key aspect of
his oeuvre.


Jarque, Vicente: “Coordenadas imaginarias”, Babelia, El País, May 16th.

Clemente, José Luis, ABC cultural, June 2nd.


Takes part in “Pintar sin pintar”, at the Centro de Arte La Panera, Lleida, and he is among the artists
invited to take part in the Beijing Biennial. He also takes part in “Gekleurde Vormgeving”, Stedelijk
Museum, Aalst.


He receives the Excellent Work Award at the aforesaid Biennial.


He is awarded the National Graphic Arts Prize for work done the previous year. In other categories the Prize goes to Joan Hernández Pijuan and Pedro Calapez.


The prize jury esteemed “in particular his sportswear creations, which have brought about a departure from the conventional world of graphic images and media”.


“Acentos”, Colección Caja Madrid, Fundación Caja Madrid.




One man shows at:


Espai Quatre, Casal Solleric, Palma de Majorca.


The pieces “Into the frame”, “Cuckoo’s egg- observador virtual 1” are displayed.


He takes part in the group shows:

“Dalimitar”, Museo del Empordà, Girona and Museo de Arte Jaume Morera,

“Monocromos”, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.


“Monocromos” was curated by Barbara Rose. It featured pieces ranging from Malevich to the present day.


Dario Urzay proposed a new team kit to the management of Athletic Club to be used in the UEFA  soccer Cup.

After a heated controversy, the new management of Athletic decided to retire the  uniform three days before the first match in the aforesaid competition.

Segurola, Santiago: “No es una provocación, es una ruptura”, interview published in El País, September 13th.


The sportswear was produced, passed the UEFA Kit Regulations, was approved by this official body and legally registered in the competition.

They wore it to play two pre-season games in Holland: Groningen and Heerenven


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A numbered, limited edition of four thousand garments was released which sold out in three months. One of them is in the  "Artium museum" collection in Vitoria.



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Solo exhibitions:


González Carrera, J. A.: “Darío Urzay”, Obras Recientes, Territorios, El Correo, September 10th.


Christian Dam Gallery, Oslo.

      Andersson, Cecilia: “Darío Urzay”, exhibition catalogue text, Christian Dam Gallery, Oslo, Norway.

Distrito 4 Gallery, Madrid.


Paintings, photographs and two installations, “The cuckoo’s egg” and “Into the frame”, in which the medium of video features most promminently.


Among other biographical references to this exhibition we could quote:

Rubio Nomblot, Javier: “El mundo en negativo”, ABC De las artes, Madrid, September 27th.

Solana, Guillermo: “La trama barroca de Darío Urzay”, El Mundo, El Cultural, September 11-17th.


Estiarte Gallery, Madrid.


“Ae-mol” suite, consisting of mixed media works on paper and of paintings with digital printing.


Castro Flórez, Fernando: “La mirada genética”, El Cultural de ABC, January 3rd.


Group shows:


“For All”, Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, Norway.


Opening exhibition of The Scandinavian Centre with works belonging to the Norwegian collector Helgesen. Several paintings are shown and the installation “Inside-next” (2002), that consists of prints and paintings, both generated by a computer, and displayed in a narrow corridor.


Magnus, Emilie: “For All”, catalogue for the opening of The Kunstlaboratory of Contemporary Art Museum, Norway, (May).


“Blanc de Blanc”, Galerie Xippas, Paris.


CAB exhibition of the “Colección Caja Burgos” in Burgos.




Solo shows:


Maior Gallery, Pollensa, Majorca.

  Senda Gallery, Barcelona.      

Bufill, Juan: “Una pintura ya del siglo XXI”, La Vanguardia, Barcelona, February 10th.

Puig, Arnau: “El abandono de lo simbólico frente a lo digital”, ABC, Barcelona, February 2nd.




The group exhibitions of this year are:


“Big Sur, Arte Nuevo Español”, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin.




Exhibition of sixteen contemporary creators, curated by Enrique Juncosa (Abad, Ballester, Soto, Alez, etc.)


Juncosa, Enrique: “Big Sur, Arte Nuevo Español”, exhibition catalogue text “Big Sur”, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 2002.


“Arte en España, 1977-2002”. Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow.


!A selection of The Patio Herreriano Contemporary Art collection.


Marchán Fiz, Simón: “Arte en
España en el último cuarto de siglo”. Exhibition text catalogue for Arte in España, 1977-2002.


Museo Patio Herreriano de Valladolid



Opening of the new Museum.


Artium, Centro Museo de Arte
Contemporáneo, Vitoria


Opening of the new Museum.



“Plural el arte español ante el siglo XXI”, Palacio del Senado, Madrid.


Alonso Molina, Oscar: Text
individualized by the artist in the


“Abstracciones 1955-2002”. Fundación Telefónica, Santiago de Chile


Selected works from the Museo
Nacional Reina Sofía.


“El siglo de Picasso. Arte español del siglo XX”. Athens National Gallery, Greece.




Two Individuals trough this year:


Visor Gallery. Valencia. 2001


Exhibition of negative photographs and paintings.


Galerie Xippas. Paris. 2001


Debailleux, Henri-François: “Darío
Urzay”. Libération. Paris (June 22)


Collectively he exhibits at:


Calvo Serraller, Francisco: “Las cien mejores obras del siglo XX. Historia visual de la pintura española”. Ediciones TF.


“Gaur, Hemen, Orain”. Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.


On the occasion of the reopening of  Bellas Artes  Bilbao Museum, a Basque contemporary art selection is organized. For that occasion, Miguel Zugaza, the director, proposes to him the making of a special piece of work for a specific place in the museum. During six months, he works full-time on the preparation of the work “El vientre del observador”. This installation will be important to  the artist biography


Marí, Bartomeu: “Gaur, Hemen, Orain”. 2002 Catalogue text.



“La noche. Imágenes de la noche en el arte español.1981-2001”.Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente,


Curated by José María Parreño

  Jarque Soriano, Vicente: “Distant
observer on a digital field”.

Catalogue “Año 1000, año 2000. Dos milenios en la historia de España”.

“Año 1000, año 2000. Dos milenios en la historia del arte en España”. Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid and at The Musee du Cinquantenaire de Brussels in


Curated in the contemporary section by Fernando Huici, includes a selection of the art of two centuries.




Solo shows in:


First paintings with ends
photographically generated by a



Elba Benitez Gallery in Madrid


One piece of work becomes property of the Amigos del Arte Contemporaneo collection, base of the new Museo Patio Herreriano in Valladolid, opened in 2002.


Jimenez, José:"Darío Urzay. Expresionismo conceptual".

El Mundo. Madrid (26 de febrero)

Huici Fernando: "En el filo de la navaja".

El PaÌs, Babelia. Madrid (11 de marzo)


Sala Rekalde, Bilbao


Exhibition that gathers three years of work. In the same way, there are specific works for the spot. Some of them go beyond the
two-dimensional limits.

description and image


David Pagel : “De ojos, lentes y pantallas: el realismo híbrido de Darío Urzay."

Castro Flórez, Fernando:
“Parpadeos. La estética de la
hibridación en Darío Urzay.”

Lago, Eduardo: “Afrontar lo
múltiple. Una conversación con
Darío Urzay.”

Catalogue texts “1997-2000
Pinturas”. Sala Rekalde, Bilbao.


Along the collective ones they stand out:


Solana, Guillermo: “Darío
U r z a y ” . A R T E Y P A R T E .
(December 30)


“Imágenes yuxtapuestas. Diálogo entre la abstracción y la figuración.”, with works of the Argentaria Collection exhibited at
The Museo Municipal in Malaga.


Curated by Mercedes Replinger




Individually he exhibits at:


Gallerie Xippas. Paris


Sixteen years later he exhibits again in Paris. A wide selection in which the first negative paintings appear, one of those becomes part of the French Fond Nationale d´art Contemporaine (FNAC).


Sirmans, Franklin: “En una
fracción”. Andersson, Cecilia: “Membrane – Cut, retake”.
Catalogue Exhibition text, Galerie
Xippas, Paris.


Espacio Caja de Burgos, Burgos.


Lago Eduardo :
“cinco movimientos de la materia” catalogue text Caja Burgos exhibition


Senda Gallery, Barcelona.


Molina, Ángela: “Darío Urzay”
ABC. Barcelona ( septiembre 19)

  He takes part in the following group exhibitions:        

Fundación General, Patronat Martinez Guerricabeitia, Valencia


Biennial in which five international
critics had to choose each one of
them two authors. The French
Catherine Millet selects the work of the Bilbao´s artist.


Millet, Catherine : “ Dario Uzay”
Catalogue “5 biennale Martinez


“Peinture sur peinture”. Institute Français de Vienne. Viena

  "Links-schilderkunst in extremis?", Kunstcentrum Sittard. Provinciehuis Maastricht.        

“Imágenes de la abstracción. Pintura y escultura española 1969-1989”, Sala de las Alhajas, Madrid


The curator Mariano Navarro,
includes a work of the ones made in London.

!“Pintura Europea actual” it is shown at Trondheim unstmuseum in Norway, Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona…

The Norwegian collector Tore
Holm shows in public his collection in several European cities .

  “Cosmos. Del romanticismo a la vanguardia, 1801- 2001”.
Contemporary Culture Centre, Barcelona.
  Curated by Jean Clair




Throughout this period he has the
following personal exhibitions:


De Markten, Bruselas


The exhibition centre shows simultaneously four individual ones comprised with the title “4 x solo”. The other artists are Angela de la Cruz, Amikam Toren and Jan de Vinglhen


Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki.



Sáenz de Gorbea, Xabier: Argumentos orgánicos”. Exhibition catalogue
Kaj Forsblom Gallery. Helsinki.


Galería Maior, Pollensa. Mallorca


Paintings and first draws made on a computer during the year 1996.

  In group exhibitions they stand out:
  “Surfacing,Contemporary Drawing”, ICA, London.   Curated by Emma Dexter, a research is made about the different ways of understanding the draw, 40 authors among who we could emphasize Julian Opie, Paul Morrison or Emma kay. Urzay presents the serie "pencil of nature".  


“Itinerarios 97-98”.
Fundación Botín Santander


Power, Kevin : “ Placeres de un
cocktail” Becas Fundación Botin
Catalogue, Santander


“Painting, Language”,
Louver Gallery, Los Angeles.


The Californian gallery as well as the New York one show a fragment of the actual pictorial view.


“From here to eternity” Max Protech Gallery, New York.


The curator Ruth Kauffman
includes Urzay and the Sevillian
Luis Gordillo, as well as David Reed, Jessica Stockholder, John Currin, among others.


Guggenheim Bilbao Collection.


Presentation of the first purchases by the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao.


In summer, Urzay organizes a course at The Arteleku of Donostia, under the title “En una (microverso) fracción”. A studio of studios that gathers along with the students, artists like David Reed, Julian Schnabel, Albert Oehlen, Torie Begg Terry Winters and Fabian Marcaccio.




Is an important year in Dario Urzay Biography:



At the beginning of the year 1997, he applies for the Fundación Botín grant and it is awarded to him.

Guggenheim commissions work from him in May and he makes it during the summer. The artist paint two big 8.50 metres long panoramic curvilinear. One of them becomes part of the Museums  collection.


Commissioned by The Sala Amárica of the Museo de bellas Artes in Vitoria, he makes a solo show with works expressly made for the place.


Juncosa, Enrique: “Los universos conjurados”.
Exhibition catalogue Sala Amárica, Diputación Foral de Álava, Vitoria

      In June he present the project in Vitoria. It has a very special walking path, which mounting is set up by specific pieces. They are included in the series “Sistema circulatorio” made in New York the year before. Is the second time in his career he includes a work that connects floor and wall.  


He exhibits simultaneously in Madrid, Elba Benítez Gallery and in Barcelona, Senda Gallery.


Olivares, Rosa: “Dario Urzay”. Revista Lapiz. Madrid .(September) Antolín, Enriqueta: “ Darío Urzay”. Interview. El País.Madrid (September 13)


Bufill, Juan: “La gran aventura de Darío Urzay”.La Vanguardia. Barcelona (September 12) !


Takes part in the following group shows:


Ramos, Miguel Angel: “Darío Urzay. La fotografía como metáfora.” Antiquaria magazine. (November)


“Descoberta de la collecció”, MACBA. Barcelona


One of the series paintings made in London, is donated by a British collector, it is presented among others, at this exhibition.


“Pigmente”, Eugene Lendl Galerie. Graz in Austria.


In November of 1997 he comes back to New York, granted by The Fundación Botín.




In the year 1996 takes part in a bunch of group shows, like:        
  “Registros fotográficos” ,Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid   The “Banesto collection” present a selection of its art collection cured by Xavier Saenz de gorbea. This collection becomes part of the Museo Centro Nacional Reina Sofia collection in the 2003  


“In Situ te gast in De Watertoren” in Vlissingen, Holland,


Lelong Gallery in Nueva York, and


“Essencies,” at The Palau de La Virreina in Barcelona


Ernesto Ventos collection


And especially, “Nuevas Abstracciones” organized by The Reina Sofía Museum, that is presented at The Velázquez Palace in Madrid, and at The MACBA in Barcelona.


The exhibition is curated by Enrique Juncosa, who gathers an international abstract painting panorama. With authors like Richter, Lasker, García Sevilla, Forg, Halley, Rae, among others.


  Under the name, “Abstrakte Malerei” he exhibits at The Kunsthalle de Bielefeld in Germany.  

He counts on the collaboration of the German curator Hans-Michael Herzog.

      During two months of 1996 he works in New York and prepares works for the series on paper “Sistema circulatorio”.  


Among the one man shows of 1996, it stands out the one at the new Gallery that the Finnish Kaj Forsblom opens in Caracas.




In this year he has a great deal of
Individually in:

Individualmente en:

  Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York.  


Elba Benitez Gallery, Madrid.


Francés, Fernando: “Las naturalezas muertas de D.Urzay”. ABC de las artes (July)

Guisasola, Félix: “Anónima abstracción”. Diario 16. Madrid (May 27)


DV Gallery, San Sebastián.


Andersson, Cecilia: text in the catalogue “Still life”. DV Gallery (June)

Ormaetxea, A.: “Darío Urzay”. Egunkaria. San Sebastián (June 28)..


Galerie In Situ, Aalst. Bélgium.


De Kerchove, Fabrice: “Darío Urzay”.Art & Culture. Brussels (Dec. / January)




He begins to use the computer and makes a painting series on paper, in which the digital print is mixed with contingent processes. Germinal draws of the future-making photographic works made in 3D programmes.


San Martín, Javier: “Pequeñas experimentaciones marginales como prolongación de la pintura.” Exhibition catalogue
Sala Okendo, San Sebastián.


And among the collective ones:


“Otros mundos posibles”, Cruce Gallery, Madrid.


A selection by José Luis Brea, with artists that use different media.


“Transatlántica América-Europa Non Representativa”, Museo de Artes Visuales Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela.


Ruth Auerbach y Jacob Carpio are the curators that select artists such as Marcaccio, Dorner, Cano, Lasker, Halley, inside the phenomenon of the New Abstraction


“A la Pintura”, Spanish Painters of the 80s and 90s of the Argentaria Collection. Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona and Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao.


Argentaria invita a varios artistas y comisarios a distintas mesas redonda y publica un libro con estas intervenciones.




Among the individual ones we must emphasize the photographic show at the Photomuseum in Zarauz.(1994)   in the catalogue it is included a piece of writing by Urzay about the “Camerastrokes” series, made between 1991 y 1994.   Darío Urzay: “Camerastrokes”. Text for the catalogue
Photomuseum – Argazki Euskal Museoa. Zarauz.

Takes part in important collective ones:


“Arte Español de los 80 y 90 en la Colección del Reina Sofia”, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid

  “Escenarios Diferentes”, at the Art Centre of la Regenta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.y Art Centre of the Granja in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.   Urzay shows photographs and paintings, some of them are characterised by the introduction of a resin-bubble lens, one is incorporated to the Reina Sofia Museum collection, soon after.


In the middle of 1994 he comes back to Bilbao, where he stays until 1997.

He imparts a course at the Arteleku in San Sebastián



“In Situ, Te Gast in Knokke-Heist” CC Scharpoord, Knokke, Belgium


Curated by Jan de Nys




One person exhibitions :


Fernando Alcolea Gallery, Barcelona.


The Japanese Museum Marugame Hirai, sets up a Spanish contemporary art collection to which Dario Urzay becomes part.




Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York. 1993



First one man show in New York


Hagen, Charles: “Darío Urzay”. New York Times. New York (June 4)


Among the collectives:


“A Lure”, Jan Kesner Gallery, New York.


Show of the photographs “Camerastrokes”, curated by Alisa Tager.


Tager, Alisa: “Darío Urzay”. Banesto Grant Catalogue. Madrid.

  “Desde la Pintura”, 7 contemporary Spanish painters, Rufino Tamayo Museum. México D.F., México  

Take part in José Guerrero, Jordi Teixidor, José María Sicilia, Juan Uslé, Joan Hernández Pijuan and Gerardo Delgado.


Fernández Cid, Miguel: “Darío Urzay”. Individualised text by artist in the catalogue “Desde la pintura. Pintura española”. Rufino Tamayo. Mexico Museum.


“Un siglo de Arte en los Fondos de la Diputación de Guipúzcoa”, Sala Koldo Mitxelena, San Sebastián.


Organized by Ana Salaverría, for
the official opening of the centre.






He is awarded a Banesto grant, with which he continues his stay in New York 91-92


Exhibition at the Windsor Kulturgintza gallery in Bilbao


Works made between 1990 y 1991, corresponding to the painting series of double gestures and prints. One of them becomes part of the Reina Sofía museum collection in Madrid.


Tager, Alisa: Catalogue Text. Windsor Kulturgintza gallery. Bilbao (February)


New works in the individual one at Gamarra y Garrigues in Madrid


He shows some works in which he begins to cover the paintings with resin, technical characteristic that he will keep developing.


Pagel, David: "Darío Urzay”. Text for the catalogue of “Pinturas en Nueva York.” Gamarra y Garrigues gallery. Madrid.

Calvo Serraller,Francisco: “A través del cristal”. El Pais. Madrid (November 30)

Bonet, Juan Manuel: “Darío Urzay, pasiones frías”. Blanco y Negro (December 13)

  Collective “America Discovers Spain”, The Spanish Institute of New York.   Curated by Barbara Rose and
Robert S. Lubar



In this year he just shows an individual one at the Fernando Silió gallery in Santander however he takes part in many collective ones among which one might emphasize:


Calvo Serraller, Francisco : “Enciclopedia del arte español del siglo XX.” Ed. Mondadori.


-“Confrontaciones. Arte último británico y español”, Palacio de Velázquez, Madrid.


A selection by Andrew Renton y Teresa Blanch, in which they take part in Rachel Whiteread, Ian Davenport, Gary Hume, Txomin Badiola, Antoni Abad, among others. Later, two of the paintings of Urzay become a part of the Reina Sofía Museum collection.


Blanch, Teresa: Introduction text for the catalogue.



He starts the camerastrokes series using a Polaroid camera


-“Pintores Vascos ante el gran formato, 1886-1991”, opening of the Sala Rekalde, Bilbao


Curated by Javier gonzalez de


San Martin, Javier: Individual text for each artist.


-“Colección Pública”, Contemporary Art Museum, Vitoria.


Under the selection of Juan Manuel Bonet and Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea, first presentation of the contemporary art collection that would lead to the Artium Museum of Vitoria.


-“New Currents, Recent Art in Spain”, The Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.


Curated by Teresa Blanch


Blanch, Teresa: “Curators statements”

Recent Art in Spain Catalogue.




    In October 1989 He arrives to New York granted by the Basque Government. Long period of study and adaptation.
He starts making double paintings.




The works made in London are shown at the Gamarra y Garrigues gallery in Madrid.

  The Vitoria Fine Arts Museum and the ICO and La Caixa Fundations purchased works for their collections.

  Garcia Aurora:  "Residuos de una llama"
Catalogue of the exhibition at
Gamarra y Garrigues gallery

  One man show at Riverside Studios, London.  

The exhibition in London is parallel to the individual presentation of the works of Txomin Badiola and Pello Irazu. Series with organic references occasionally accompanied by retinas and finger prints.


Garcia Aurora” The last flickerings of a flame”.

Text for the exhibition catalogue at Riverside Studios. London. (December).


Chosen for the I Drawing Triennial “Joan Miró”, that is held at the Fundación Miró of Barcelona, and takes part in “Orman”, collective opening of the Amárica Gallery in Vitoria in 1989.

  Curated by Rosa Queralt, is a selection of 40 Europe and United States artists. He makes a mural that consisted on ten pieces of big fingerprints and retina.    




During summer 1988 take the decision of quitting teaching at The Fine Arts Faculty.


Selected by María Corral, takes part in the IV Internationale Triennale der Zeichung


One man show at the Gamarra y Garrigues Gallery, Madrid, in 1988, Fénix series that shows as well at the Windsor Kulturgintza gallery, in Bilbao


He is invited to the Delfine Trust Studios in London as resident artist between 1988 and 1989. As indicated by the artist, it is when a very important change occurs for his work and personal life.






The show at the Exhibition Hall of The Museo de Arte e Historia in Durango, is the first individual one in three years. Afterwards he shows some of his paintings and record cards, accumulated during the period, at the Caja de Ahorros Vizcaina, in Bilbao.



Fichas de trabajo 1984-1986. records cards-catalogue exhibition hall of the Caja de Ahorros Vizcaína. Bilbao

Xaenz De Gorbea, Xavier: “historia de una trayectoria interior con figuras”. Arbola Magazine, October 1986






During the next two years he takes part in several collective ones, as:

The biennial of Oviedo, the Salón de Montrouge de París (1984) and the I Salón de artistas vascos (Banco de Bilbao, 1985).


He breaks with his previous paintings and he begins a period of reflection and change. An analysis that is brought to a conscientious study by means of record cards and sometimes it is materialized on some works. They are shown as research project to apply for a grant that is conceded. The Caja de Ahorros Vizcaina makes an edition in facsimile of the record cards.


Esparta Chema: “A traves del espejo” Revista Lápiz, (January1984)





Individual exhibition at The Etienne de Caussant gallery in París, fair that is held at the beginning of 1983, just before he shows the same work at the Aula de Cultura, C.A.M. Bilbao.  

The exhibition’s title is: “From the projects for the imaginerium museum to the representing trade”. Paintings representing museum rooms and the possible artist’s atelier.

There are two sculptural pieces at the exhibition that connect floor and wall.


Xaenz De Gorbea, Xavier: “Urzay, cuadros dentro de cuadros”
Deia (January 28 )


A year after leaving his studies he becomes a teacher at The BB.AA Faculty until 1988.


In Arteder – 83, in an individual stand he presents the works executed for The Vitoria Town Hall.


Juana Mordó shows interest on his work and offers him the chance to work with his gallery. Passing away 6 months later, the link with her successor is broken.


He wins the 1st prize in painting at Gure Artea 83, organized by the Basque Government.


The year before, on the contest first edition he obtains a secondary prize in the painting modality.




Halfway through the year he wins the painting award by the Bienal Plástica de Pintura y Escultura, Vitoria.


The prize consisted of a part in cash and the commission of a public work. The day of the ceremony Dario Urzay renunciates to the prize money and keeps the awarded work. And as project he makes two murals for the Vitoria city council.


“Artistas Vascos entre el realismo y la figuración 1970-1982”, Museo Municipal, Madrid



Curated by Maya Aguiriano, an exhibition is shown with artist such as Ruiz Balerdi, Xavier Morrás, or Zumeta among others.


Granted by The Basque Government.


He ends his Fine Arts studies.


At the end of 1982 The Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao purchases one of the paintings made for the exhibition that he was preparing for Paris


It is a work made when the artist is 23 years old, being the youngest author to be included in The Fine Arts Museum permanent collection. Under the fake appearance a realistic painter, the works reveal a conceptual approach by means of painting and photography codification.





The first edition of Arteder is held. Granted by the Basque Government, Darío Urzay shows some figurative paintings questioning the representation.


Arteder is an event in which artists had an individual stands at the same time than the galleries have theirs in an adjacent pavilion. The manager of the Etienne de Caussant gallery in París proposes to Darío Urzay the making of an exhibition. Equally, Juana Mordó shows interest in his work.



Granted by the Ministry of Culture for the plastic arts research and promotion. Madrid.




With a group of classmates he organizes the collective one: Minimalism and New Figuration, that travels between Bilbao and Vitoria..


They were times of full minimalist “oteizana” effervescency, attitude in which they were Badiola, Chavete, Lazkano, Medina y Moraza, while Urzay in heated discussions defends a new figuration.


Authors introduction text




His 2 outstanding presence takes place on the occasion of the renovation of the nd Vasco-Navarro Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Bilbao contest organized by The in 1979, that is held at the newly inaugurated culture hall of the Biscay capital




He begins his studies of fine arts at the Basque Country University until 1982.

  They are times of education questioning, strikes and self-management. The sculptor Jorge Oteiza, on behalf of the Basque artists symbolically takes the Fine Arts School. In a meeting with the management, he requests two students as witnesses. He is present with Txomin Badiola in the act.    

He takes part in the third Vasco-navarro contest organized by the Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Bilbao. Fine Arts Museum.Bilbao





In 1976 he takes the Fine Arts entrance examination and he is not accepted.


 1958 Dario Urzay was born on the 13th of December 1958 in Bilbao.        

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